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SCSLA Freelance Work

Branding and apparel designs done for the Santa Cruz State Lifeguard Association. Designs emphasize the beauty of Santa Cruz's state beaches as well as the culture of lifeguarding.

SCSLA Logo and Apparel Design 2020

The apparel design captures the iconic Santa Cruz Harbor Lighthouse that is the view from two of the state park beaches. The logo is bold and simplistic, capturing both the strength of the SCSLA and the importance of the ocean.

Logo Design
SCLSA logo
Apparel Design
SCSLA white shirt back
SCSLA white shirt front
SCSLA black shirt back
SCSLA black shirt front
Logo Sketches
SCSLA logo sketch 1
SCSLA logo sketch 2
Apparel Sketches
SCSLA apparel sketch 1
SCSLA apparel sketch 2
SCSLA apparel sketch 3

Sandman Triathlon Logo and T- Shirt 2018

Logo and T-Shirt Design for a non-profit event put on by SCSLA. The logo captures the natural beauty that makes the event so loved by many, and the t-shirt design, like the event, is light-hearted and
“just for fun”.

Logo Design
Snadman logo
T-Shirt Design
sandman shirt design
Event Banner
sandman event banner
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