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Print Posters

A collection of print posters created to inform and inspire viewers through conceptual and illustrative design.

Griffith Park Shakespeare Festival 
Promotional Poster

This poster was designed for a class as a promotional piece for a LA Shakespeare festival. The design conceptually links modern LA culture to Shakespeare through imagery, bold type, and color.

Exploration of Concepts
shakespear process 1
shakespear process 2
shakespear process 3

Montana De Oro Promotional Poster

This poster was a class project created to promote Montana De Oro, a local state park. The illustration, texture, and text alignment call to the parks rugged natural beauty. 

Final Design
Montana de Oro Illustration
flower illustration 1
flower illustration 2

Handlettering Poster

This poster was designed for a class as an exploration of  hand lettering and creative type. The imagery emphasizes the strength and mystery of the ocean through the metallic appearance of the type and the giant squid illustration.

handlettering sketch 1
handlettering sketch 2
handlettering sketch 3
handlettering sketch 4
handlettering sketch 5
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