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Lodestar Brewing Co. 

Lodestar Brewing Co. is a rebrand of SLO Brew Rock. The rebrand focuses on building a diverse and tight knit community through events and modern design that retains a nostalgic feel. (noun): a star that is used to guide the course of a ship.

Logotype Ideation

Since the priority of the re-brand was to emphasize community it was hugely important to represent that in the logo. I experimented with different visualizations of the idea of a guiding light, such as a moth to a flame, and more straightforward imagery of stars. 

lodestar logo ideation 1
lodestar logo ideation 2

Final Logotype

The final logotype utilizes both the star graphic and the name Lodestar to conceptually relate the brewery to a guiding light for the community. It utilizes a typeface with a nostalgic feel and an earthy warm color palette to embody the atmosphere of the brewery.

lodestar logo on a cup
final logo

Business System

Letterhead, business card, and envelope.

lodestar buisness system

Print Applications

Print applications designed to advertise the brewery and bring 
together a community. Applications are all designed using the brand standards created for Lodestar Brewing Company. They include t-shirt designs, coasters, and event posters.

lodestar coaster mockup 1
lodestar coaster mockup 2
lodestar t-shirt design 1
lodestar t-shirt design 2
lodestar t-shirt design 3
coaster designs
Event Posters
lodestar event poster

Digital Application

A responsive webpage for Lodestar that incorporates brand standards throughout. The site aims to strengthen and enlarge the Lodestar community. It includes information on events, membership, tours and more. 

lodestar website

Standards Manual

To complete the re-brand of Lodestar Brewing Company I created a Brand Standards Manual that provides guidance to future designs and designers on how to maintain brand consistency and continue to effectively represent the goals of the company.

lodestar brand standards cover
lodestar brand standards manual color palette pg 2
lodestar brand standards manual inside cover
lodestar brandmessage
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