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Aquaterra hero image

Aquaterra Bottled Water

Aquaterra is a theoretical rebrand of Aquafina Water. The focus of the design is sustainability and a unique take on the growing market for aluminum single use water bottles.

Aqua.Terra: Aqua(latin):water, Terra(latin):earth

Sketches and Shape Exploration

Exploration of different bottle shapes, label designs and
carrier designs. The goal was a completely unique, elegant and ergonomic bottle. 

aquaterra sketches pg1
aquaterra sketches pg2
aquaterra sketches pg3

Final Prototype

The final design is an elegant triangular bottle made entirely of aluminum and a sleek hexagonal carrier of recycled paper. The graphics are based off braided glacial rivers, exemplifying both the sustainability and fresh qualities of the product. Theoretically this bottle would be 100% recyclable, and would encourage re-use.

aquaterra final image 1
aquaterra final image 2

Environment Design

A physical environment designed to introduce Aquaterra at a trade show or within a retail environment.  The design caters to the target audience of outdoor enthusiasts and sustainably minded folk. It integrates both modern minimalist aesthetics and natural aspects to showcasing the beverage and the brand.

aquaterra enviorment image 1
aquaterra enviorment image 2
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