Abyss Clothing Co.

Branding and apparel design for a local Santa Cruz clothing company. Designs capture the brands emphasis on surf culture and the importance and beauty of our ocean environments

Abyss Clothing Co.

 The logo design for Abyss reflects the surf culture the client desired through the bold display typeface, the illustration style, and the simple yet eye-catching color palette.

abyss sketch 1
abyss sketch 2
abyss sketch 3
Final Design
abyss sweatshirt back
abyss sweatshirt front
Apparel Designs

Three vector illustrations of different deep sea creatures that highlight the mystery and diversity of our oceans. The illustration style is similar to that of the logo to maintain consistency but detailed enough to  capture the complexity and strange beauty of these animals.


Melting Face

Alternate identity option for Abyss Clothing Co. Melting Face draws more off the psychedelic influences of surf/skate culture.

melting face logo 1
melting face logo 2
melting face sweatshirt back
melting face sweatshirt front