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Hi! I'm Sophie,

My work focuses on unique visual communication through a combination
of traditional illustration and bold modern aesthetics.

I am here to create and bring to life your passions and mine.

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Freelance Graphic Designer 

2016 – Present

Santa Cruz State Lifeguard 

2015 – Present


California Polytechnic University,
San Luis Obispo, 

Graduated 2020

BFA with a Concentration in
Graphic Design 

Suma Cum Laude, 3.87 GPA 


Digital and Analog Illustration,

Color Theory, Typesetting and Layout Design, Print Design, Branding and Logo Design,  Digital Photography and Photo Editing 

About me,

I'm an illustrator and designer and I am passionate about creating work that will help make a difference. I received a BFA with a concentration in graphic design from California Polytechnic University, San Luis Obispo, spring of 2020. Alongside my BFA I have a minor in Biology with a focus on Botany, and a scientific curiosity that is often reflected in the subject and style of my work.

I grew up in Santa Cruz, CA, a town that played a huge role in shaping who I am and the work I create. For as long as I can remember I have been immersed in the outdoors, be it through my obsession with surfing or the frequent scrambles up mountain sides with my family and friends. Because of my upbringing and hobbies the outdoors and environmental consciousness are important aspects of the work I create.


The privileged position of a college education allows me to work for something greater than myself, and that is why my ultimate goal is
to create art that plays a part in the improvement of the world that
we live in. 

Contact me,

Please reach out for more information about my resume or work that I have done. I'd love to work with you and play our part in changing the world.

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